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The government will be legislating to postpone election for a year. This applies to the North Herts District Council elections and to the election of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire.

North Herts District Council

Elections on 7 May 2020 (postponed to 2021)

North Herts District Council has elections every year except the year of the County Council elections. Elected councillors normally have a four year term and roughly one-third of them retire at every election year. This year, elections will take place in the Letchworth wards of East, South East, South-West, Grange and Wilbury, and in Baldock Town and Baldock East.

Cllr Ian MantleCllr Helen OliverCllr Martin Stears-Handscomb

Amy AllenTina BhartwasTom PlaterAndy Dunstan

Candidates are pictured in the order in which they are listed below

In Letchworth East, Cllr Ian Mantle (Labour & Co-operative) will be standing again. He has represented the ward since 2012, having previously been a councillor for Letchworth Wilbury. Letchworth East is a two-seat ward, the other seat being held by Cllr Sue Ngwala, who is also a Labour and Co-operative councillor.

In Letchworth Grange, Cllr Helen Oliver (Labour & Co-operative) will also be standing again. She has been a councillor since 2018. Grange is a three seat ward. One of the other two councillors is Daniel Allen (Labour & Co-operative), but the third seat was taken by the Conservatives in 2019.

In Letchworth South East, Cllr Martin Stears-Handscomb (Labour & Co-operative) is standing to replace the current Conservative councillor. This also is a three seat ward and the other two seats are held by Labour & Co-operative councillors, Kate Aspinwall and Adem Ruggiero-Cakir. Martin is currently a councillor for Hitchin Oughton, but will now stand for the ward in which he lives. He is leader of the Council in the joint Labour & Co-operative/Liberal Democrat administration of North Herts District Council.

In Letchworth Wilbury, Amy Allen has been selected. She is the constituency party's disabilities officer and also runs the important Contact Creator system, which facilitates election campaigning. If elected, she will replace Cllr. Deepak Sangha (Labour & Co-operative), who is standing down after many years of service as a councillor. This also is a two-seat ward, the other councillor being Gary Grindal (Labour & Co-operative), who is currently the Executive Member for Housing and Environmental Health on the Council.

Tina Bhartwas will be standing in Baldock Town. Tina was recently elected as the constituency party's BAME officer and is one of our youngest and most active members. Baldock Town is a three-member ward and is currently represented by three Conservative councillors.

In Letchworth South West, Tom Plater will be seeking to take a seat from the Conservatives. This also is a three-member ward. There is one Conservative and one Liberal Democrat councillor in the two seats which are not up for election this year. Tom was elected this year as the Communications Co-ordinator for the constituency Labour Party and is now also the constituency party Secretary.

Our candidate for Baldock East is Andy Dunstan. Andy is a relatively new member of the Labour Party. He lives in Baldock and this is his first attempt to gain office. Baldock East is a single member ward, currently represented by a Conservative.

There are no District Council elections in East Herts, where all councillors are elected every four years.

General Election 2019

The result

The result in North East Hertfordshire was:

Sir Oliver Heald (Con):  31,293 (56.6%)

Kelley Green (Lab):   13,104 (23.7%)

Amy Finch (Lib. Dem):   8,563 (15.5%)

Tim Lee (Green):   2,367 (4.3%)

Kelley lost voter share (-4.7 percentage points) compared with 2017, but the Tories also lost voter share (-2.1 percentage points). Kelley's result is better than the national average loss suffered by Labour.

Labour manifesto for 2019

Kelley Green"After nearly ten years of Tory austerity," says Kelley Green, "we need a really radical programme to restore hope to the people of this country. This manifesto is that radical programme.

"It is fully costed and can be delivered. A Labour government delivered a transformative programme after the Second World War. We can do it again now."

The manifesto, It's time for real change, is here.

As Kelley says, it is fully costed: Funding real change is here.

The Future is ours, the youth manifesto, is here.

Breaking down barriers, the manifesto for disabled people, is here.

The Race & Faith manifesto is here.

The Workers' Rights manifesto is here.

A charter for the arts is here.

The manifesto for the East of England is here.

Labour's Green Transformation Fund is here.

A plan for nature, the environment manifesto. is here.

Accessible versions of It's time for change and of Breaking down barriers are available here.

Kelley Green's personal statement

Kelley GreenKelley Green was selected by the membership of the North East Herts Labour Party as our candidate for Parliament and she launched her campaign in Letchworth Garden City on 2 November 2019.

After her selection, she said:

"I’m delighted to have been selected by North East Herts Constituency Labour Party to contest the currently held Conservative seat on 12th November in the general election. I’m a child of the new towns, born in Welwyn Garden City, and spent much of my life in Hertfordshire. My parents were fantastic role models, mum a magistrate and dad a hard-working farmer. I’ve been lucky to have a rewarding career in local government as a Landscape Architect, and Town Planner. I’m passionate about the environment.

"Over the next five and a half weeks I’ll be taking Labour’s message of hope to every community in this constituency, helped by the many dedicated campaigners who’ve kept a candle burning for social justice and equality. Too many hard-working people have already been left behind by our rigged political system.

"I’ll be sharing the excellent Labour Party Manifesto, far and wide, telling as many residents as possible about the policies we intend to deliver, to help local people. Like 30 billion investment in our NHS, instead of the current inefficient system in which we must choose between which services we get, and where they are located. And the ‘National Education Service’ designed to give people life-long access to free learning so they can escape inequality and crippling debt.

"Too many people are suffering in our own communities because they are trapped in poverty, or low-paid, unrewarding employment. Many people worry about their children’s futures, whether they will be able to afford a home of their own and it shouldn’t be the case in one of the richest countries in the world.

"For others it’s worse, they themselves can’t afford to pay heating bills or retire with dignity. Too many have resorted to foodbanks or slid further into poverty and even become homeless. Labour will end this inequality by placing a cap on domestic bills whilst increasing tax for the top 5% of earners. I hope the people of Letchworth, Baldock, Royston and the villages will get behind me and support the change we need to see off this unfair, rigged system."

Are you registered to vote?

If you are doubtful whether you are on the register, check with your district council:

It's easy to register

Voter registratrion linkAll you have to do to register is to go to the government's registration website here. You will need your national insurance number. Or you can ring the appropriate number above or go to the council's website (see below) for a form. If you cannot find your national insurance number, go to the government website here.

Apart from your right to vote, you may find it difficult to obtain credit if you are not on the register. It is usually the first thing that lenders check. Not responding to a request for information regarding voter registration from your council could make you liable to a fine of 80.

Postal and Proxy Voting

Postal vote:

You can choose to have a postal vote, either for a specific election or permanently. You do not have to explain your reason for wanting to vote by post. Start the simple process here:

Apply to vote by post

Proxy vote:

In certain circumstances someone else can vote for you (proxy vote). In this case, you will have to explain why you need a proxy vote. Your proxy must also be registered to vote. There is more information on the District Council websites below and you can download the appropriate application form. In a medical emergency and some other situations, you can apply for an emergency proxy vote, right up to polling day.

More information on postal of proxy votes

For more information, click on the appropriate link below to go to your District Council website, where you can also download the appropriate form:

Voting Systems

There is more information about the councils and the police and crime commissioner on the Local Government page.

North Hertfordshire District Council

The district is divided into wards with two or three councillors. Roughly one-third of the councillors are elected each year, except the year of the County Council elections. Normally, the councillor elected earliest stands down and there is only one seat in a given ward up for election. The election is on the "first past the post" system. If there is more than one seat up for election in a ward, then electors in that ward have as many votes as there are seats.

East Hertfordshire District Council

The district is divided into wards with one or two councillors. All seats are up for election every four years, on the "first past the post" system or, in the case of two member wards, where electors have two votes, "the first two past the post". Electors have as many votes as there are seats.

Hertfordshire County Council

The county is divided into one-member divisions, who are elected every four years on the "first past the post system".

Police and Crime Commissioner

If there are more than two candidates, the election for Police and Crime Commissioner is conducted using the "supplementary vote" system. You put a cross in the first column for your first choice and a cross in the second column for your second choice. If you wish, you may give only a first choice.

All the first choices are counted and, if one candidate has more than 50%, she (or he) is elected. If not, the top two candidates continue to a second round of counting: all other candidates are eliminated and the second-choice votes of everyone whose first choice was not for one of the top two are then counted. Any second-choice votes for the top two candidates are added to the first-round totals of those candidates. Whichever candidate has the greater number of votes after this process is the winner.

These electiions are every four years.

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